You want to be in control of your career. Sometimes you may feel the urge to change your working life. Sometimes you want to or have to consider alternative options. In that case you might ask yourself some fundamental questions:

  • What do I really want to do?
  • How do I get where I want to be?
  • What makes me tick?

Only you can answer those questions: it is your life and your rules. But we can help with a customised self-placement proposition.

You want to be in control of your own career. You may feel that your working environment is changing or that you want it to change. In that case you might ask yourself some fundamental questions:

  • how do I manage this?
  • how do I make up my own mind?
  • what would be my desired working environment?

With the PIT Self-Placement® proposition you will enable yourself to come up with your own answers to those fundamental questions.

People in Transformation (PIT)

At PIT Self-Placement we focus on the self-directed transformation of the individual. The aim is to enable the individual to become aware of the most desired next step in one’s career. Based on that awareness the individual will be challenged and supported to take the immediate and appropriate steps into that direction.  

Your job is to a large extent the image you hold in your working and public life. It is a significant part of your identity. But it may not reveal all the talents you hold nor will it perhaps enable you to explore those talents and try new and different things in your life.

How do you keep control over your working life? That is a crucial question. A lot of external aspects may play a role and perhaps influence you whilst answering that question, but bottom-line you want to be the one in control. It is your life and your rules, your beliefs and your values. You want to create your own path and take your own decisions. You do not want other people or circumstances interfere more than you allow them.

A PIT Self-Placement programme will enable you to become aware of your motivation, your talents, your ambition as well as of the impediments and barriers that may bother you. We offer you tools as well as coaching in order to successfully address those and to move yourself into the self-desired direction. You have to do it yourself, but not alone.

The PIT Modules

Every PIT programme is modular and customized:

  • PIT Self-Placement
  • PIT Senior Executive Program

  • PIT Online Programma

  • PIT Check (and PIT Well Being Check)
  • PITch

  • PIT Coaching (individual)
  • PIT Team Coaching

  • PIT Monitoring

  • PIT Workshop (teams > 15, in-house)